Why Juicing For Weight Loss Works

Weight loss juicing is not a new concept. Many folks have used it in the past and some have managed to get unbelievable results too. Instead of dieting on solid food, juicing to decrease weight is an excellent way to keep your body healthy, get your daily dose of nutrients and still manage to lose weight.

Why Juicing For Weight Loss Works

juicing for weight loss works

  • It is a safe method.
  • The body stays nutritious all the time.
  • You need not deprive yourself of food even when dieting.
  • It’s an excellent way to stay healthy.
  • Keeps your stomach full.

You can choose to decrease weight either by juice fasting or by replacing a meal or two each day with a juice diet.

Fasting With Juice

Studies have already shown the efficiency and safe record of juicing for fasting. Fact is that any diet or weight loss program should manage to reduce your weight but at the same time provide a continuous supply of vital nutrients and vitamins to the body. Juicing fulfills both these criteria.

On an average, living on juice for an entire day leads to a 1 pound drop in weight. This varies from person to person but if it is taken as a basis then in a fortnight you can easily cut back on 14 pounds of body mass. There are many case studies that provide evidence on juice fasting for weight loss.

Meal Replacement With Juice

Not everyone is open to completely changing their diet for a day or two. If fruit juice fasting isn’t what you are interested in then try replacing just one solid meal per day with a glass of fresh juice. Meal replacements are an excellent way to keep your body full, active and provide it with nutrition it needs. In fact, you will not even realize that you missed a meal as fresh juice is satisfying to the digestive system. It’s better than diet drinks, diet snacks and what not. Besides, when you do replace juice for one meal a day, make sure to add in vegetables into your mix. This makes juicing not just effective as a weight loss regime but also provides your system greens that you otherwise would never touch.

Whether you are juice fasting or replacing a meal with a glass of juice, include low sugar fruits and more vegetables. Also try not to add sugar to the mix. The best time to replace a meal with juice is the breakfast. It’s the optimal time in the day when your body can accept everything that a juice has to provide. Also, bedtime or midnight snack can be replaced with a juice. Not only does it help maintain and reduce weight but also fills the stomach so takes care of any hunger pangs later on.

Weight loss through juicing is best achieved with the use of watercress, lemon, parsley, grapefruit, pineapple, celery and grapes. Blending these ingredients with any combination of vegetables is an excellent way to fast, stay healthy and keep your body active.

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