How and Why To Fast

From celebrities to scientists, all suggest that juice fasting is a healthy way to lose weight, look young and maintain longevity. Besides it is easy too.

Not only does it help you lose weight and rid your body of toxins but has the ability to keep you focused, happier and healthier too. Juicing rejuvenates the body and heals it too. With fast food, toxin infused veggies and fruits entering our system, the digestive system take a huge battering over the course of time. By enjoying a glass of juice, you let your digestive system relax, rebuild and rejuvenate. Since, nutrients and vitamins are available in a liquid format, extracting the most out of them becomes easy.

How to Fast and Why to Fast

how and why to fast

So, why juicing? Well everyone has a different need, desire or goal. You may do it to achieve mental clarity, for wellness, spiritual reasons or simply to lose weight. Motives differ but the benefits remain the same. Even if you aren’t that interested in tertiary benefits, simply losing weight and staying healthy makes it worthwhile.

How To Fast?

Basically there are two ways to fast.

  • Vegetable and Fruits Only
  • Juice, soups and smoothies Only

Not everyone likes eating vegetables. However, greens juiced together with fruits in the right combination can actually taste a lot better than eating veggies. You can find a good combo by experimenting a little or using some of the recipes that we have researched. However, when you fast with juice only, do not go with only fruits, do add in a few veggies to extract maximum nutrition and a balanced mixture of minerals and vitamins.Those who don’t prefer vegetable juice much can take a modified approach with smoothies, soup or broth and juice. Chicken soup, light broth taken cold along with fruit juice and smoothies is an excellent way to stay healthy.

Regardless of what you prefer, a good way to juice fasting is to have juices in the breakfast, mid-morning time then lunch, mid-afternoon, dinner and finally night time snacks.

Some Pointers For Fasting

To start with drink a lot of water, include herbal tea to keep the stomach cool, avoid taking stimulants such as alcohol, cigarettes and others. Also choose only organic produce and low sugar fruits. Also do not ingest juices that are older than a day. You must take juice that is fresh, made at home and from fresh ingredients only.

When drinking juice, take it in slowly, swish it in your mouth for a while allowing your saliva to mix with the juice so as to aid in digestion. Besides, try not to take cold juice. Keep the water and juice at room temperature at all times since this is easier on the digestive system.

Although, juice fasting does not sap energy, in some people it can lead to momentary slackness or laziness. If this happens just take it easy and do not exert yourself much in the day. Do less taxing work that you like instead of taking on mental or physical pressure.

Occasionally, you may experience a healing crisis, with hunger pangs and a bit of light-headedness. This is all normal and part of the cleansing process. Your body is removing toxins and healing itself so don’t be alarmed.

If it becomes too uncomfortable when juice fasting, here are a few things you can do.

  • Take some rest for a while. This will let your body relax and regain energy.
  • Drink water so as to flush anything inside that may be causing the nausea or odd feelings.
  • If you feel constipated then use fiber like psyllium husks.
  • Exercise a little by stretching, bouncing or walking to help encourage the lymphatic systems.
  • Drink some herbal team or relax by using Yoga.

Breaking The Fast

This is a critical stage of fasting. Try to be as gentle as possible. Don’t eat pizza or fast food that can give you a stomach ache. Instead take some soup, vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits. Proteins and heavier food should be introduced from the next day on wards.

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