Weekend Juicing Diet For Controlled Weight Loss

Nothing works better in trimming the waist line than a weekend juicing plan. Yes, this plan is probably the most flexible of all weight loss diet plans out there. In fact, it’s a combination of juices for the weekends and light healthy food through the entire week and we believe that it works perfect for those with long term goals together with light to moderate exercise, healthy living and a moderate work load.

Before we start, you can extend the juicing diet from weekend only to add in a weekday of your choice but only if you have the time and effort to give. Otherwise, you may opt to reduce the plan by one weekend day for a less intensive diet structure. This is necessary at times when you have social engagements planned for the weekend.

And before we start, please try and avoid eating outside because you really never know what goes into restaurant quality food. Cooking at home with ingredients that you choose always ensures quality control and clean eating. Just refraining from eating out for a month or two with our weekend juicing plan can help you lose 14 pounds easily. Couple that with exercise and healthy lifestyle and you get the picture.

Weekend Juicing Diet Tips

Weekend Juicing Diet For Controlled Weight Loss

How The Plan Works

The plan calls for wholesome, low-fat and pure foods during the week and juice only diet for the weekends. Towards the bottom you will find a few good recipes to try out for the weekend juicing sessions and in between a highlight of what to eat during the week.

The Weekdays Breakfast

Start fresh every Monday with a light breakfast with oatmeal and nut milk. Apricot is a nice dried fruit to have along with walnuts too. For Tuesday through Thursday stick to a bowl of almonds, berries and yoghurt or 2 poached eggs with one toast and a few slices of raw tomato or Bananas and fresh berries with Muesli. And for Friday end with a banana berry smoothie mixed with sliced apples.

The Weekdays Lunch

Start out with tuna, lettuce, tomatoes, onion and avocado on Mondays. For Tuesday have a bowl of vegetable soup with bread. From Wednesday till Friday, have egg or chicken salad sandwich with whole wheat bread or roasted veggies with salmon/cod or grilled mushrooms, sardines and salad.

The Weekdays Dinner

Monday is best ended on a note of whole grain rice with chick or grilled chicken. You can have Gazpacho with salad, grilled salmon and asparagus, sushi seaweed salad and miso soup or baked potato with fresh herbs, drizzle of olive oil and guacamole on any of the remaining days in whatever order befits your desires.


For snacks keep healthy snacks around such as seeds, fresh juice, pear, orange, apples, rice cakes, bananas etc.

The Weekend Juicing Diet

The weekends can be enjoyed with variety of juices in whatever order you feel like. But do have a few seeds or nuts mid morning through so that you don’t feel hungry due to the lack of solid foods. Here are a few recipes that you can try out during this time or refer to our Juice fasting recipes for more variety.

  • Apple Berry and Green pineapple (1:1 cup: half)
  • Orange Chili Pineapple (2:1:1)
  • Gingered Pear
  • Tomato Strawberry (1:2)
  • Spicy Lemonade (Only for breakfast)
  • Pink Smoothie (Mixture of all fruits and veggies in the house that are near red or pink in color.)

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