Super Angel 5500 Review

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Staying fit, staying healthy, exercising, dieting – all these words dominate our lives today. While everyone has a different approach towards achieving these goals, the underlying motive remains the same and diet definitely does form a crucial part. Some prefer a diet rich in healthy juices in order to stay fit and if you are one of them, then the Super Angel 5500 is your ideal friend. Granted Super Angle is not famous for its juicers but this particular model does deserve a lot of credit.

This twin gear machine is made entirely of stainless steel and is ideal for extracting juice out of almost everything. It is not just easy to use but also extremely easy to clean. Whether you want to make almond milk, peanut butter, carrot juice or just orange juice, all you have to do is push the substance down the juicer. Although priced on the slightly higher side, it is definitely worth every penny spent.

More about the Super Angel 5500

If you can overcome the exorbitant asking price of the Super Angel 5500 then you will appreciate all that it has to offer. This juicer is completely constructed from stainless steel and they don’t even hide this fact. The unit shines bright and clean-up actually is a breeze thanks to this. As for juicing, we really did not face any problems regardless of the ingredient used. Just push down slowly on the ingredients and watch as your juice flows out from one end and the pulp collects in the bin. It really is that simple!

super angel 5500 review

Ease of Use
The Super Angel 5500 is extremely easy to use and can effortlessly squish everything into juice. It is recommended to peel and dice the fruits and vegetables before putting it through the juicer mainly to avoid dirt in the juice and for better quality. It comes with one-touch buttons for start, stop and reverse making the operations even simpler. All you have to do is put the raw substance into the juicer and with the help of the wooden pusher thrust it further down. You’ll be left with finely textured juice in one container and completely dry pulp in the other. In case of overfilling, the machine beeps and to de-clog the unit, just press down on the reverse button. With harder substances such as nuts, you will have to push a little harder.

Clean Up
The most common mistake a consumer makes while purchasing a juicer is concentrating only on its output capacity and ignoring the part of how to clean the machine after use, only to face trouble later. But with the Super Angel 5500, you can rest easy. It comes with a cleaning brush as well as a screen scraper or screen cleaning knife to remove any coarse residues on the sieve. Furthermore, cleaning the gears is as simple as rinsing under running water. Since the juice and pulp are collected separately, there are no leakage, no mess and no chance of getting the two mixed.

Juice Quality
Normally, one does not expect a juicer to produced absolutely fine textured juice in a single grind. But the Super Angel 5500 will surprise you with its fine quality juice that is not only great in texture but also enhanced in taste with all its nutrients preserved intact. While some have experienced froth while juicing apples, it is actually dependent on the inherent characteristic and texture of the fruit or vegetable. Moreover, any juice prepared can be easily stored for a week or at least 3-4 days under refrigeration without running the risk of going stale.

Juice Yielded
The Super Angel 5500 can liquefy almost everything. Its horizontal structure and twin gear mechanism facilitate in extracting juice out of almost any fruit or vegetable and even hard nuts. Thus, whether it is something squishy as tomatoes, watery as cucumber, hard and coarse as carrots or fibrous as leafy greens, reducing it to juice isn’t really a Herculean task. Furthermore, the pulp discharged is completely dry eliminating the need to run it through the machine a second time.

A powerful motor is the soul of any juicer mostly to ensure that along with it performing to the optimum level it guarantees longevity. This model of Super Angel comes with a 3 horsepower motor that rotates at the speed of 86 RPM, ensuring that the ingredients are not just reduced to juice but also retain most of their nutrients.

Not only is this machine super-efficient but also super-silent. In other words, when in use it does not create excessive or unbearable noise making you curse yourself for buying it, every time you turn it on. Even if you are grinding hard nuts like almonds, peanuts or grassy vegetables like wheatgrass, etc. the level of noise remains the same, which is within tolerable decibels.

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Final Thoughts

Super expensive, the Super Angel 5500 astonishingly also happens to be the cheapest of all Super Angel masticating juicers!

You may be wondering if this juicer sounds a bit too good to be true and believe us, we too thought the same. However, after four weeks of stringent testing, we have to say – the Super Angel 5500 is the real deal. Durable, a powerful motor and stainless steel built, it provides hassle-free juicing along with equally painless cleaning. The two distinct outlets for juice and pulp make the entire process even more convenient in addition to saving time by generating completely dry pulp. Almost at par with its upper models like the 7500 and 8500, the Super Angel 5500 is one of the finest options available and certainly justifies the high price.

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