Omega J8005 Review

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Make pasta, mince garlic and herbs, prepare fresh baby food from all-natural ingredients, whip a batch of soy milk, prepare peanut butter and grind coffee with the Omega J8005 masticating juicer. Yes, this juicer not only squeezes juice from pulp but also helps make plenty of other things too. It operates at relatively low speeds of 80rpm and in the process maintains a consistent natural taste without losing out any nutritional gain. It operates by first crushing fruits and veggies. Then the pulp is separated from the juice and sent to a second juicing stage where it’s pressed to get more juice. This dual-stage extraction process tends to produce a higher yield while maintaining a drier pulp output.

While its low auger speeds might be a concern for some, those interested in a healthy living will appreciate the higher concentrations of antioxidants and nutrients left-back by the Omega J8005. Furthermore, it maintains the freshness and flavor of the juice without creating too much foam or froth. This increases the shelf life of the juice to around 72 hours. This masticating juicer comes with a Juicing Screen Cone, Oval nozzle, Round Nozzle, and four other nozzles.

About the Omega J8005

The Omega J8005 is one kitchen appliance I would recommend to all, whether you are a fan of fresh juice or not. However, before I commence on a complete review of this masticating juicer I must point out one major deciding factor. If you plan on sticking with mostly pulp-based fruits such as orange, lime, and others then this is not a suitable option. The problem lies in its straining screen that tends to clog up with too much pulp. So, when I juice Oranges, I have to stop the entire process after breezing past three or four oranges and then remove the screens from inside the juicer, clean it, put it back and restart. This takes time and a lot of effort. However, if you plan on juicing vegetables, grasses and anything else, the Omega J8005 is definitely a great investment. It works best when you mix together a menagerie of ingredients.

When it comes juicing veggies, I found this masticating style juicer kept the juice at room temperatures. This is essential if its health and fitness that you are after. Heating up juice tends to metabolize some of the essential enzymes and nutrients, which is the case with high-speed juicers. Plus, this particular model gives me a chance to try out many other things such as making pasta, nut butter, and even complete recipes. In about 30 minutes, I manage to wash, cut, juice vegetables and fruits as well as clean up afterward. In fact, with just a few ingredients I can make juice that lasts two whole days. Compared to a centrifugal juicer, it is way more efficient.

Omega J8005 review

Ease of Use
The juicing screen is what makes the J8005 a bothersome juicer, not that we are complaining but it would have helped to make the screen a bit wider in its pore sizes. With pulpy fruits, you will eventually clog the screen. Otherwise, the Omega J8005 is a real pleasure to use and easy to mince, grind and juice with.

Clean Up
Once more, the juicing screen is the culprit since you will inevitably have to clean it between juicing cycles. This prolongs the time it takes to juice and is a pain at times when you are in a hurry. Otherwise, cleaning this beast is not much of a big deal once juicing is complete, it takes about 10 minutes to remove every last juice presence.

Juice Quality
No foam, no froth, excellent taste profile, cold juice is what you get time after time regardless of what you juice. Mix together veggies, fruits, hard and soft, pulpy and dry ingredients without fear – at no point does it suffer in quality.

Juice Yielded
Top-notch, and nothing to point out – the Omega J8005 has exactly the same amount of yield as its elder sibling, the J8006 so in terms of yield it is among the top three juicers in the world.

Considering its size and price, the mechanism, motor, and auger design all feel suitably powerful for the purpose.

Yes, it makes some noise but astonishingly, we found it to be the quietest of all Omega masticating juicers. It will still scare the hell out of your pet but won’t disturb your neighbors all that much.

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Final Thoughts

For those who love mixing together veggies and fruits, want to juice wheatgrass with ease, the Omega J8005 is an ideal choice. The slight price difference between the J8006 and the J8005 model makes this a better-suited choice but be careful as you may find it a tad bit hard to clean-up and use with squishy fruits.

Definitely not designed for all, the Omega J8005 is meant for serious juicers. Those who want to enjoy 100 percent healthy froth-free juice extracted from fresh vegetables, fruits, and whatnot, will appreciate everything this masticating juicer has to offer. But for those interested in juicing oranges, it’s going to be a real pain to have around. Out of all possible online stores, Amazon seems to have the best deals when it comes to the Omega J8005 masticating juicer. is known for giving discounts on products like this… and sometimes FREE shipping!

Pros: Well priced, excellent juice quality and quantity with a sturdy construction makes the J8005 the best juicer yet by Omega.

Cons: Juicing screen is a bit of a menace and needs frequent attention to keep things going smoothly.

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