Omega BMJ330 Review

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The Omega BMJ330 is a high-speed centrifugal juicer packing in a half horsepower induction motor with 350-watt rating that can dice through an entire apple while ejecting the pulp and separating it efficiently from the juice. Deviating from its stronghold on masticating juicers, the BMJ330 is a centrifugal unit that attempts to mimic the effects of a masticating system while reducing the time consumed, which we are pretty sure will entice many – especially those with a jam-packed lifestyle.

This particular juicer helps save on preparation time with a large feed chute and the commercial-grade motor makes juicing so much easier as all you have to do is throw the pulp out once you are done juicing. On second thoughts, the pulp being dry enough can be used to make cakes, salsa, sauces, soups and for flavoring just about anything. The BMJ330 while affordable is also built to commercial grade specifications with a stainless steel basket and blades.

About the Omega BMJ330

It isn’t often that you see an Omega centrifugal juicer. Yes, the BMJ330 is a centrifugal unit attempting to deliver what Omega is best known for – high quality with a superb yield and impressive taste profile. Has it delivered on its promise? We believe it has.

First off, be very careful when you assemble this juicer. Done wrong it will start spurting juice from every nook and cranny, give off a burning smell, bite into the unit’s casing and do more damage than good. If you find anything wrong with the juicer upon first-time use, reassemble the entire unit from scratch – this tends to solve the issue. Otherwise, give Omega a cold call and they will promptly send in a replacement under 2 days.

Coming to the juicing experience, true to Omega’s tradition, you really can throw anything into the Omega BMJ330. Hard with leafy veggies and fruits work just fine and you really do not have to bother about cleaning it up either since all components come off super easy and clean up quick too. In short, this is a user-friendly juicer.

Omega BMJ330 review

Ease of Use
We so wanted to give the Omega BMJ330 a perfect 5 star seeing how simple it is really to operate it but considering the glitch we had in the start where the unit smelled of burning rubber and juice tasted odd we really cannot go beyond 3 stars. Nevertheless, do not consider this as a poor rating – it is just to show that the BMJ330 needs professional handling to work flawlessly.

Clean Up
Definitely, one of the easiest centrifugal juicers to clean, the BMJ330 dismantles quick and rinses up even quicker. Most parts other than the base are dishwasher safe although you won’t need to be that thorough between juicing runs.

Juice Quality
Great yield for a centrifugal juicer. In fact, the pulp is pretty dry and will not yield any more juice on reruns.

Juice Yielded
As long as you have double runs on everything you juice, you will be able to extract the maximum possible juice. While not as efficient in juice yield as its expensive compatriots, it still is quite high compared to centrifugal juicers.

½ HP isn’t the highest in the market but then again, you really don’t need a lot of power to juice fruits and veggies. It takes a great design and innovation to achieve the perfect juice, something that Omega is only too well versed with.

Can you hear yourself over the juicer operating? Yes but you cannot have a relaxing conversation around this juicer and for this reason, we detract one star.

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Final Thoughts

The Omega BMJ330 might be an orphan in Omega’s family of masticating juicers but it certainly doesn’t seem lost when it comes to quality, quantity, construction, reliability, and performance. We could not expect any less from an Omega and weren’t disappointed with what we got. If you want a centrifugal juicer to hasten the juicing times and yet retain the quality seen among masticating units, get the BMJ330, period!

Pros: Easy to Use, versatile and petite. Can take a whole apple and juice it clean – no need to slice and dice into smaller pieces.

Cons: First-time setup is a pain and often goes wrong causing damage to the unit, thankfully Omega doesn’t mind replacing units for whatever reason.

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