Juicing Health Benefits

We all eat fruits, salads, green veggies and even meat on a regular basis but did you know that majority of what you ingest is never available for use? It is because nutrients are released from food cells only when they are ruptured. This is where our teeth and jaw come into action. Mastication helps break down food and release nutrients. Unfortunately, what we eat usually goes through our digestive system without much change and is excreted with hardly any absorption of nutrients.

With a juicer, you can overcome this problem as a juicer tends to destroy cells in fruits and vegetables, releasing everything into a liquid medium, which is easier to digest. It does something that your teeth and jaw together can never achieve – complete mastication. Because of this, nutrients that were previously not available to your body now become part of your daily diet.

In a recent research paper, it was shown that raw plant extracts juiced into a puree state helps release over 700 percent of all nutrients present in them. Moreover, did you know that juicing also releases a lot of hidden flavors? This is one major reason why juice tastes different from the actual fruit or vegetable.

The Health Benefits of Juicing

Juicing Health Benefits

The Nutritional Advantage Derived From Juiced Foods

Juicing never destroys the entire fiber content of food. Furthermore, if you use a masticating or twin gear juicer then you retain almost all of the fiber content. These insoluble fibers help in relaxing constipation and digestion issues. Moreover, they help in increasing concentration of good bacteria in the colon.

Juicing efficiently by using double or even triple pass helps maximize the yield because of which you end up using less fruits than what you would otherwise eat. This directly affects the sugar levels in your body. Less fruits and veggies used equals lower glucose levels and reduced risk from diabetes and heart conditions.

Join these two major advantages together and you can easily see how high fiber and low sugar content can curb diabetes and other dangerous diseases. One last reason why you should juice more often is because the skin of greens and fruits are rich in enzymes that improve digestion. Moreover, they contain high levels of prebiotics that keep the digestive tract healthy through cell regeneration.

Why Juicing Is Better?

  • Easy – Frankly, it is efficient and an easy process. Making juice takes just minutes while eating takes a long time. Moreover, juices can be taken along to the office, outdoor or anywhere else as a quick snack.
  • Healthy – Loads of nutrition, fiber, vitamins, enzymes, minerals and lower sugar levels all combine together to create a complete health conscious drink. Juice is also easy on the digestive system letting the body absorb nutrients faster.
  • Tasty – Ever tried making juice from raw vegetables mixed with sweet fruits? They taste hundred times better than raw veggies taken as such. Best of all, because juicing changes the taste of vegetables and fruits you can experiment with different combinations and ingest veggies that you previously could not stand the taste of.

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    Shayla Cademis July 15, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    I never knew that juicing never destroys the entire fiber content of food. My husband and I are trying to eat healthier, which involves eating more fiber for us. We think juicing could be a good dietary option for us right now since it is so easy and nutritious. Hopefully we can find a great juicer to get us started. Thanks for the information!

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