Jack Lalanne Deluxe Review

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Juicing just got simpler with the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Deluxe. This juicer has a single switch to operate it regardless of what you want to juice. Considered a classic design, the stainless steel finishing adds to its durability and improves the elegance of any kitchen. It comes with a 3,600 RPM induction grade motor that drives the stainless steel blades at high speeds and in turn shreds fruits and veggies to the finest pulp squeezing out the juice through a wire mesh filter.

The pulp extractor is large enough to handle a few juicing runs at once while the warranty on the motor eliminates any fears of the motor giving out. This Jack LaLanne is not just affordable but also highly reliable with a small footprint for easy storage.

About the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Deluxe

Jack LaLanne Juicers usually are cost effective and get the job done right. However, not all are big fans of this brand. The fact that they cut corners to reduce costs, like the chrome plated plastics on this juicer and imperfect design does ward off a few potential buyers but in our tests, this particular juicer wasn’t all that bad. In fact, we felt with a little getting used to, a proper reading of the manual, it is just as capable as any of the expensive models.

Let’s begin with the setup. Instructions are easy to follow and unless you get it assembled properly you cannot operate the machine. In fact, many complaints about leakage and so on are because of improper assembly. Everything has to line up just perfect in order for it to work flawlessly. Next up, the drainage issue, which some felt was just not worth the pain. In our experience, a do-it-all inexpensive juicer leaks way more than this does. As long as you are slow in the juicing process, do not try to overdo things and are patient, it won’t leak. And with really hard water-less ingredients make sure to follow it up with some pulpy or ripe fruits so that there is enough liquid to properly juice everything.

Jack Lalanne Deluxe review

Ease of Use
Having tried out two other Jack LaLanne juicers, we expected the Power Juicer Deluxe to be equally difficult to operate at first. You need to read the manual and understand all the steps involved in juicing with this particular model. Without doing this do not expect to get impressive results. Having said that, it does perform well and after a few runs become easier to operate, once you remember all the steps. To this end, we have to say that the other two models we tested prior to this actually felt a tad bit difficult to use.

Remember the drain chute tends to get clogged up quickly so keep it clean and you will not face any leakages around the base. As for the inability to juice ripe fruits, we found that it, in fact, does this as long as you don’t push on the fruit and let it gradually disappear into the juicer’s blades. Pushing tends to create a huge mess and reduces efficiency.

Clean Up
While the instructions say that it is easy to clean in a dishwasher, what they do not mention is that doing so will gradually peel off the chrome plating from the thermoplastic mold of the unit. Hence, our advice is to clean this juicer by hand if you wish to preserve its pristine appearance. Cleaning by hand though isn’t difficult as all its components come off rather easily. It is the reassembly that takes some getting used to.

Juice Quality
Not the best quality but not bad either. The Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Deluxe delivers good quality juice time and again irrespective of what it is that you use. We have tried ripe fruits, hard veggies, dry stuff with relatively low liquid content and never felt the juice quality deteriorate. Just remember this being a centrifugal juicer, requires some liquid content so run dry stuff along with pulpy ingredients for best results.

Juice Yielded
Yield-wise, the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Deluxe is awesome. For the price this juicer retails at and the quality it provides, you can only trump the yield by using a masticating juicer.

It seems all Jack Lallane juicers tend to use a 3,600 RPM induction motor so nothing different here. Although, we felt this particular model was the quietest of them all. A tad bit more power would have been helpful in eliminating the need to push down on ingredients when they get stuck otherwise it suffices just fine.

Hardly any noise, this is the biggest focal point of the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Deluxe. This juicer does not make any more noise than you expect a washing machine to make.

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Final Thoughts

Is the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Deluxe worth its price? Yes, if you compare its price and performance with many expensive models taking into account the warranty cover, this is definitely a juicer that will not disappoint you. Granted it won’t blow your mind but it will satisfy all your juicing requirements time and again. Just remember to thoroughly read the instructions before using it.

Pros: Inexpensive, compact, capable of juicing anything and everything.!

Cons: All components are plastic, including the exterior, requires some getting used to.

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