Hamilton Beach 67601-A Review

Hamilton Beach 67601-A Review

Soft-bristled cleaning brush helps clean the strainer basket quickly and efficiently.

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7.6 Overall Score Reviewed By Experts

Say no to canned juices that are high on preservatives and low on nutritional value. The Hamilton Beach 67601-A juice extractor offers the best answer with its wide mouth feature that lets you feed fruits and vegetables whole, and makes a good 24% extra juice than any other juicer in its class. The easy-to-use juice extractor does a thorough job of juicing and ejects almost dry pulp separately, making it an easy job to clean up afterwards. So, start off on that nutrition packed diet that you have been planning all along with the handy juice extractor that gives a glass of nutrition packed juice in a matter of minutes.

In addition to providing highly nutritious juice, the pulp of fruits and vegetables that the Hamilton Beach 67601-A juice extractor ejects separately has a variety of uses. The pulp comprises healthy fiber and cellulose that can be added to soups to ensure that your body gets its daily dose of health promoting fiber. Alternatively, the ejected pulp makes excellent garden compost, and is the best possible manure for your favorite roses in the garden. You can also make nutritious and healthy soy or almond extract that provide an excellent source of energy and nutrition for the kids.

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About the Hamilton Beach 67601-A

Juicing with the Hamilton Beach 67601-A is rather simple and best thing about it is that it feels simple enough. All it takes is slicing and dicing veggies and fruits just enough to get it through the feed chute followed by a slight pressure with a pusher or by hand. Juice comes out from one side and pulp is collected in the extractor bin.

We did however find that the overall quality is best described as average so do not refrigerate it expecting a long shelf life. On the other hand quantity was excellent and the pulp does feel drier than usual. This is especially true with pulpy fruits and soft veggies. With harder ingredients you may need to trickle a bit of water or soak ingredients in water before hand but that is to be expected. Our two main complaints however are regarding its construction and fragile components that we believe may require periodic replacements, especially if you are as clumsy as we are!

Ease of Use

Hamilton Beach 67601-A is a versatile juice extractor that can easily make a dozen glasses of juice or a single quart of juice, according to what the situation demands. You can start your regular diet regimen and ensure that you get your daily dose of nutritious fruit or vegetable juice, thanks to the easy-to-use and wide-mouthed extractor that saves precious time by accommodating vegetables and fruits whole, and does a thorough job of juicing, leaving little or no mess to clean up later.

Clean Up

One of the major benefits of owning this juice extractor is that it does an efficient job of juicing vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients like broccoli and spinach. With the pulp being collected in the pulp bin separately, cleaning up is not a monotonous and tedious task unlike most cleaning tasks. The leak proof juice extractor not only saves time, but is very efficient and does not mess up the place. The removable plastic parts can be quickly and safely cleaned once you are done with the juicing.

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Juice Quality

The sturdy 800-watt motor does a thorough job of juicing whatever is fed into the Hamilton Beach 67601-A juice extractor. With every drop of juice being extracted efficiently, and the pulp being ejected separately in the waste bin, making a glass of nutrition packed juice is no longer a task that needs to be detested. The froth free juice that can be directly collected in a glass is ready-to-drink and doesn’t need to be filtered. You can either drink the juice fresh after juicing, or store it for a while in the fridge and drink a cool glass of nutritious juice, first thing in the morning.

Juice Yielded

This sturdy and heavy-duty juice extractor extracts the last drop of juice from the toughest vegetables and fruits or nuts that are fed into it. It is extremely efficient and produces froth-free juice that is ready to drink, in a matter of minutes. You may either choose to cool the juice in your fridge for a few minutes or drink it fresh as it comes out, without losing any of the nutritional value. This juice extractor is known to produce a good 24% more juice when compared to others in its class.


This juice extractor is powered by a powerful 800-watt motor that speeds up the process of juicing; and helps save precious time. The powerful motor can handle the toughest of vegetables or fruits, juicing them to perfection

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The Hamilton Beach 67601-A juice extractor works efficiently, thanks to the powerful 800-watt motor that powers it. Being a powerful motor, the noise levels are high and may be above the normal levels. It is advisable to place the juice extractor away from your bedroom, if you plan to make juice early in the morning.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, the Hamilton Beach 67601-A juice extractor presents the perfect solution to all your juicing needs. It has several attractive and unbeatable features like the powerful motor, the wide mouthed chute, and the leak-proof bin for collecting the pulp separately. It can make clear, froth-free juice from almost any type of leafy vegetables like broccoli and spinach and other regular vegetables that can be fed whole. It can also be used to make juice from a range of fruits and nuts, as well as extracts from soy and almonds efficiently and quickly.

Considering its price tag, the Hamilton Beach 67601-A is an efficient and affordable juicer for folks who aren’t that finicky about the end result. Yes, it is noisy and it is completely made from plastic but if you don’t depend on juicing for a healthy dose of fitness daily then you will find this to be an adequate enough juicer.

Features and Specifications:

  • Powerful 800-watt motor works efficiently to produce juice from the toughest vegetables
  • The extra wide mouthed 3-inch chute can easily take whole vegetables and fruits, saving precious time
  • Handy juice spout helps collect juice directly in small glasses or larger containers
  • Can make large quantities of juice at a time, thanks to the extra large pulp bin
  • Removable plastic parts are safe to handle and easy to wash and reassemble
  • Soft-bristled cleaning brush helps clean the strainer basket quickly and efficiently


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