Gerson Therapy Juicing FAQs – Reclaim You Health And Body

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Gerson Therapy Juicing FAQ

Gerson Therapy FAQs – Juicing Guide

I came across an article that suggested Gerson Therapy, which involves juicing to be a possible method to prevent cancer. Personally, I love juicing but it isn’t something I would tout as being able to combat cancer. Nevertheless, here is an excerpt from the article I had stored in my database. Happy Reading!!!

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases that we as humans can be subjected to or become ill thereof. Many of us are scared of the very mention of the name cancer, while many others live in the bubble “it would never happen to us”. Cancer over the years has been a subject matter of study for many pieces of research and development of treatments and medicines, and many people have recommended methods of treatments. The cure for cancer is not anywhere near but what is important is that it is diagnosed in time and once the patient is cured, the patient must recover from all the health loss due to medication and chemotherapy.

An Alternative Treatment – Gerson Therapy

Cancer can leave everyone, the patient, doctors, and the family under a lot of stress. We bring to cancer patients the Gerson Therapy. It is an alternative treatment for cancer patients that focuses on supplements, juices, healthy and raw food diet intending to cleanse the body and improve immunity and metabolism. We would like to warn readers that this therapy is not yet approved as it has a few minor side effects such as constipation, anemia, and general weakness. Nevertheless, Gerson therapy bases its treatment on the underlying theory that we, humans, imbibe toxins that help cancer cells to grow and that we do not get enough potassium needed for normal growth and development. Hence, the key focus of Gerson Therapy is to detoxify the body and eliminate toxins from the body.


A Juicing diet too tends to achieve this result!

How Is Gerson Therapy Used And How Does It Work?

The patient needs to adhere to a strict and well-designed diet plan that includes, but is not limited to, low-salt, vegetarian, low-fat diet, along with ample intake of juice, which makes it easier for the body to digest while supplying the required amount of nutrients. For any nutrients that are missed out, supplements are recommended for intake and have to be taken in time to avoid any kind of side-effect or deviation from the therapy goals.

Cost Of The Therapy

The Gerson Institute does not work through any of its hospitals but operates via clinics that it licenses and certifies. Currently, it operates only two clinics. The cost of treatment is on the higher side, keeping in mind the healthy food intake and frequency required that necessitates adherence to regime and routine.

How Long Does It Take To Heal?

While some patients, who have recovered, did so in a few months for others it could take years. But, Gerson practitioners say that the regime should be followed at least for two years even if the person is cured to ensure full recovery and a healthy lifestyle. The effectiveness and efficiency will differ from person to person and also based on one’s strict follow up on the provided treatment, food intake, and regime.

The Good, Bad, The Ugly, and The Last Word

Some people have been treated successfully while others have succumbed due to a high electrolyte imbalance in the body. This has been a cause of concern since there is no established evidence that the Gerson Therapy cures cancer or in any way is effective as a recovery treatment. Many people would like to take the risk for the mere fact that it might as well be the last try to cure it, others merely agree to be the part of an experiment for the therapy. If you choose to undergo the Gerson Therapy, please ensure you go through the detailed information on their official website to avoid any unnecessary complications and loss of life.

I honestly believe that there are numerous advantages of juicing and that a juice diet once in a while is great to detoxify and cleanse the body but can it cure cancer? I seriously doubt this proposition. Gerson Therapy aims at curing a disease, which originates at a genetic and cellular level through simple diet restructuring in an attempt to rectify the body’s natural state of homeostasis but juicing along with the kind of diet mentioned here honestly can’t reach the cellular level, or can it? I have my doubts but for the sake of millions suffering from this dreadful disease, I hope I am wrong. Let me know what you think….

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