Juice Detox

Recipes, Risks, and Benefits for 2023

What is a Juice Detox?

If you are serious about your health and wellness the odds are very good that you’ve heard about juice fasting, juice cleanses, and juice detoxes before.

Really popularized after the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead was released – showing just how easy it is to use a juice fast to lose upwards of 80 pounds less than 60 days (while getting off of all medications, leading a happier and healthier lifestyle to boot) – we are here to tell you that juice fasting just might be the smartest decision you make to “reboot” and refresh your health and wellness.

Best of all, juice fasting is about as simple and as straightforward a dietary shakeup as you could imagine.

It only takes between three and five days to successfully complete, will help your body in both the short and long-term, and can help you generate a lot more energy, a lot more enthusiasm, and a lot more excitement about leading a healthier lifestyle as well.

Let’s dig right in!

lime juice

Potential Benefits of Juicing Detox

Talk to anyone that’s gone through a juice detox process before and they’ll talk your ear off about the many benefits they enjoyed almost overnight, as well as the benefits they continue to enjoy day in and day out thanks to everything that this nutritional approach has to offer.

Medical experts have been telling people for decades that they need to consume at least six servings of fruits and veggies every day, all while understanding that the Standard American Diet is abbreviated as the SAD diet for a reason – and that most of us fall well short of this recommendation.

With the detox juicing approach, however, you’re going to be able to flood your body with all the vitamins, nutrients, and healthy enzymes that fruits and veggies have to offer, get your 6 to 8 servings of these core foods into your body on a consistent basis, and enjoy a whole host of health benefits because of it.

Some of the biggest benefits you’ll notice straightaway include:

  • The ability to melt fat from your body a lot faster than you ever would have with a traditional dietary approach.
  • The ability for your body to more effortlessly absorb the healthy nutrients that you are fueling it with.
  • An increase in the amount of “good bacteria” that live in your digestive system, helping you to better break down your food and eliminate toxins and waste more efficiently
  • An ability to lower your cholesterol levels without having to rely on prescription drugs.
  • The ability to significantly detoxify your liver, helping it to rest, relax, and recover while at the same time improving its overall efficiency.
  • The chance to lower your overall blood sugar levels and push back against all the destructive results that a lifetime of eating sugary food because.
  • Significant improvements to the health and vibrancy of your skin, helping you to look and feel all whole lot younger almost immediately.
  • Significant improvements to your energy levels, your endurance levels, your cardiovascular health as well as your overall ambition, drive, and motivation.

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Potential Risks of Juicing Detox

While you should see a number of significant benefits the moment you start a juicing detox, the truth of the matter is there are a couple of drawbacks and potential risk factors you want to be aware of when you take this nutritional approach.

For starters, this kind of dietary shift is NOT recommended for women that are pregnant, women that are nursing, or anyone that has diabetes or chronic liver, kidney, or gallbladder issues. It also isn’t a good idea for children to be put on a juicing detox, either.

Secondly, every juicing detox is designed to be a temporary dietary shift and not a lifelong radical approach to the way that you consume food. All juice detoxes have a very specific start and finish in mind, and you’ll want to adhere to these specific timelines if you want to be sure that you avoid all of the different risk factors that stretching a juice detox too long can bring to the table.

A short-term juice detox phase (as recommended below) will work to significantly detoxify your body while helping to provide a bit of support to your kidney, your liver, and your gallbladder.

Stretch this out too long and make juice your primary source of nutrition and you’ll end up tipping the scales in the opposite direction, hurting your kidney, your liver, and your gallbladder instead.

pineapple juice

How to do a Juice Detox - A Simple Guide

Preparing a juice cleanse is the first big piece of the puzzle that you’ll want to get squared away right out of the gate.

Every juice cleanse (including the ones we highlight below) are going to have you drinking nothing but juice or smoothies for the entire duration of the detox – usually, a block of time that can stretch anywhere between 24 hours and 72 hours or so.

Because this is going to be a radical shift to what you are used to eating (that’s what makes it so effective) you’ll want to make sure that your body is ready to shift gears so suddenly.

About three days before you start the cleanse you’ll want to start slowing down your intake on certain – specifically coffee, white sugar, meat, dairy, alcohol, and nicotine. This is done to help you avoid the headaches that can come about when your body goes through a withdrawal of these nutritional/dietary elements.

For the next 24 hours to 74 hours (or maybe even just a little longer), you’ll want to drink 32 ounces of the juice or smoothies you are cleansing with for breakfast, for lunch, and dinner. At least HALF of that juice should be made up of leafy green vegetables, ideally.

After your juice detox, you’ll want to slowly ramp up your more traditional dietary habits. Eat light meals whenever possible, gradually adding favorite foods back into the mix, and ramping up to your standard healthy diet to enjoy the benefits of a juicing detox for as long as possible.

While diet and exercise go hand-in-hand to help you lead a happy lifestyle it’s not a bad idea to go a little bit lighter with physical exercise when you are working through a juice cleanse. Cardio workouts are best, particularly light cardio like walking or jogging, to boost your overall blood and lymphatic circulation.

This will flush out as many toxins from your system as possible without overtaxing your body when it’s working through a caloric deficit.

If you really want to take things to the next level consider booking a massage for the middle day of your juice detox. Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and Thai massage can help to speed up the detoxification process as well while leaving you feeling energized and refreshed.

What Fruits and Vegetables Are the Best for Detoxing

Pretty much any fruit and vegetable will help you with a juicing detox, but if you really want to take things to the next level it’s not a bad idea to focus on these options more than others:

  • Leafy green vegetables should make up at least 50% of ALL your juices and smoothies.
  • Celery and kale (as well as spinach) are particularly popular options.
  • Carrots, apples, and beets are very popular, too.
  • Avocados and bananas won’t juice as well as other fruits but they make fantastic healthy smoothies.
  • Don’t forget about kiwi, pineapple, or mangoes, either!

Detox Juicing for a Healthy Weight Loss

If you really want to guarantee that you lose as much weight as possible while doing a juice detox there are a couple of core elements you’ll want to focus on more than anything else.

We highlight the tips and tricks you’ll want to implement for a juice detox designed specifically with weight loss in mind to make the most of your efforts below.

For starters, it’s a good idea to make sure that leafy green vegetables – and vegetables in general – make up the overwhelming majority of the juices and smoothies you are going to make.

While the sugar in fruit is a lot healthier than the refined and processed sugar we find it so much of our traditional dietary choices, the fact of the matter is it remains sugar. Your body is still going to look for every opportunity to turn the sources of glucose into fat wherever and whenever it can.

By making sure that you are focusing instead on vegetables (particularly healthy, leafy green vegetables) you start your body of that fuel for fact and instead force your own biochemistry to ramp up your metabolism, melting fat like a furnace on an around-the-clock basis.

It doesn’t get a whole lot better than that!

Secondly, you’ll want to make sure that the fruits and veggies you add to your juice detox for weight loss are as high in fiber as can be.

Fiber is going to help you be a lot more regular when it comes to the bathroom, but it’s also going to be a more effective system for flushing toxins from your body. The more fiber you have in your juice detox the more toxins your body can efficiently shuttle out on a daily basis – and that means you’re not only going to lose a lot more weight but you’re also going look and feel a lot better as well.

strawberry juice

6 Detox Juice Recipes

1. Ultimate Green Juice

It’s hard to imagine there being a better juice detox option than this one. It’s the perfect starting point for anyone trying a detox for the first time, and can also be a foundational recipe that you mix and match new ingredients with to come up with cool variations.


  • Two green apples
  • Three stalks of celery
  • One cucumber
  • Eight kale leaves
  • Half of a lemon that has been peeled
  • A little bit of ginger

2. Tropical Carrot Juice

About as sweet a detox juice as you are going to find, this is perfect for those that are looking to get a bit of a pick me up in energy while they run through this detox.


  • One gigantic apple (the biggest you can find)
  • 15 ounces of pineapple from a can
  • Two decent sized carrots
  • Two decent-sized chunks of fresh ginger
Lemon Apple Juice Recipe

3. Lemon Apple Juice with Zip

Often described as a breakfast detox juice, this is light, airy, and has just a little bit of tanginess to it that’s going to help you start your morning on the right foot.


  • Two decent size lemons, peeled and sliced in half (seeds removed)
  • Four of your favorite apples, sliced into quarters with the core removed
  • Two decent sized cucumbers
  • The single cup of water to bring it all together
Ruby Red Breakfast Juice​ recipe

4. Ruby Red Breakfast Juice

Even if you aren’t all that crazy about beets on their own the odds are pretty good you’re going to fall in love with the way that this beautifully red juice tastes, particularly when you need a little extra zip and a little extra energy.


  • Two lemons that have been peeled, sliced in half, and have had their seeds removed
  • Two medium-sized carrots that have already been peeled
  • Two of your favorite apples that have been quartered and peeled
  • Two beets that have had their skin removed and have been sliced in half
Spinach Lemonade​

5. Spinach Lemonade

Sure, spinach lemonade sounds a little bit like a crazy combination on the surface but once you give it a try you’ll be blown away by just how tasty – and refreshing – it really is!


  • A single cup of spinach
  • Four individual leaves of kale
  • Two individual stocks of celery
  • One knuckle sized chunk of ginger
  • Two of your favorite apples, peeled and sliced into quarters
  • A single lemon that’s been peeled and sliced in half

(If you like your spinach lemonade a little on the sweeter side of things you can add a couple of drops of honey to take it to the next level)

6. Orange Creamsicle

This is one of the favorite juicing detox options out there today, particularly when it comes to dinner time for dessert. It is so sweet, so decadent, and so delicious that some people even freeze this recipe in possible trays to turn into a full-blown frozen delight!


  • A large orange (peeled)
  • Two medium-sized apples
  • Three individual stalks of celery
  • Two decent sized pears
  • A single sweet potato


At the end of the day, a juice detox just might be what your body needs to reset and reboot.

There’s a reason why millions and millions of people worldwide decide to go with a juice detox every single month, refreshing and recharging their body, helping out critical organs, and sort of replenishing their body while flushing toxins that are only going to drain your energy and fade your health out completely.

Hopefully, the inside information above is more than enough for you to choose to try this approach out for yourself. Try out the recipes highlighted in this quick guide, the odds are pretty good you’ll love all of them!

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