Best Masticating Juicer Reviews

Your Ultimate Buying Guide

Juicing is an exciting process. It is said that juice is the perfect detox, diet and health food to have early in the morning. It can substitute a regular meal provided the right ingredients are used. A masticating juicer helps by extracting the highest nutritional value from ingredients packing the juice with lots of flavor, vitamins, and nutrients.

The name masticating juicer signifies the process used. These juicers use augers that grind, mash and chew through fruits and vegetables to squeeze every last drop of juice out separating it from the dry pulp. These juicers are slower than centrifugal juicers but are twice as efficient and effective having the ability to chew through greens, soft vegetables, and fruits without any discrimination.

Things To Consider When Buying an Masticating Juicer

  • Frequency Of Use - Every masticating juicer is capable of producing a high yield. Price varies based on durability and quality of components used. If you plan on occasionally using the juicer then purchase something that is affordable but if you are a gung-ho juicer then get the very best as masticating juicers produce tremendous internal heat that can quickly damage the gears inside.
  • Number of Gears - Masticating juicers come either as a dual or single gear juicer. Single gears are affordable but dual gear is durable and efficient. Thankfully, both these variants can work well with wheat grass and the likes. Basically it is a personal choice based on what you plan on juicing the most.
  • Speed - Conventionally masticating juicers are slow. Nevertheless, there are some brands that provide higher speed. Remember that higher the RPM more is the oxidation hence you can’t store the juice for longer. Higher end models usually provide a low-speed setting and hence extract more, destroy fewer enzymes and function quieter.
  • Material - Masticating juicers can use steel, plastic or carbon infused components. For regular use get something that is sturdy and mostly metallic in construction. But if you don’t plan on working the juicer to death then a ceramic exterior or plastic finishing is just fine.
  • Warranty Coverage - Warranty on a Masticating juicer usually lasts for more than 2 years. Read the warranty terms and conditions carefully to ensure that all major components are covered under it. Some of the higher end models actually come with 5 plus years warranty, something worth considering if you truly live by juices.
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