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When I was in my fifth grade, I learnt that lemonade stands aren’t healthy, especially those sitting out in the stuffy heat and humidity of the summers. But, like any fifth grader I loved colas, soft drinks, lemonades, basically anything cold and juicy.

My name is Debra Letty and one fine summer day I received a lemon juicer from my Dad, after I cried a river the previous night on how unhygienic my favorite summer drink really was. And since then began my love affair with juicers and juicing in general. It is now 21 years since that fateful day and I must have tried, tested, loved, hated, trashed, smashed, mourned, buried, gifted hundred juicers.

My two kids, aged 13 and 11, say that I am a JUICER fanatic rather than a JUICE lover and I agree. If you are juice fan then it really does not matter whether you make it in a centrifugal or masticating juicer. However, those who truly admire an outstanding kitchen appliance or understand the minutest of differences and secretly desire for better performance and efficiency will instantly relate with my passion for anything that can squeeze a pulp dry.

I started this website a few months back based purely on my growing desire to share my years of juicer experience and help others find the right juicer. For me there is no right or wrong because it’s my passion to test and try new juicers, experience the subtle difference in taste. But, I understand how the right juicer can really matter for you. That is why I went against all common sense and began JuicerReviewsDirect.com on a shoestring budget.

My team comprises of me, my loving husband Mike and our two beautiful children, Andrew and Lisa. We at JuicerReviewsDirect.com are a family team of testers doing what we do because we love juicing and juicers.

Go Green Now!!!

– Debra

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