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Choosing the correct juicer is one of the important decisions you will ever make as it is going to be a lifelong companion, serving you faithfully. In addition to be sturdy, the Omega NC800 is efficient, versatile and, more importantly, does the job quickly. You can treat yourself to some highly nutritious and healthy juices every morning, thanks to the highly efficient and easy to use juicer. In addition to extracting juice from fruits and nuts, the juicer is equally efficient in extracting juice from vegetables and leafy spinach and wheatgrass.

The Omega NC800 is a masticating juicer that efficiently grinds, mashes and chews through the fruits and vegetables that you wish to process, and squeezes every drop of juice in it. The pulp and juice are separated in the process, and though the process may be slower when compared to a centrifugal juicer, the extraction is complete, with the ingredients retaining the nutritional value, the vitamins and the all important flavor. The low RPM at 80 revolutions per minute ensures maximum juice output, with the pulp being ejected automatically. It gives you your morning glass of juice, leaving hardly any mess to clean up later.

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  • Pros: The Omega NC800 is a low speed juicer that is very easy to use and saves precious time. It comes with a large chute and an end-cap that lets you decide the amount of pulp you want in your juice.
  • Cons: When compared to a centrifugal juicer a masticating juicer is a lot slower and the pulp content in the juice can be high.

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Our Review:

Masticating juicers from Omega have always been a huge hit but for a long time, the company had marketed itself on decade old technology. The NC800 is a new design from Omega with a unique design that helps reduce the power consumption by using a smaller motor and reduce noise pollution. As far as juice quality and quantity goes, nothing’s changed except for an increment in performance in certain departments. Take juicing wheatgrass or hard veggies or nut grinding for instance. Now with the Omega NC800, these tasks are way easier as the auger doesn’t get stuck if you decide to rush the process by adding excess ingredients at once. Pulp continues to be drier than a centrifugal juicer and the end product is a froth-free tasty and cold juice, albeit achieved over a longer waiting period.

The ease of use is the major plus point with the Omega NC800, and it efficiently extracts every drop of juice from vegetables, greens and fruits effortlessly. It hardly leaves any tell-tale signs of mess that can make cleaning up a monotonous task otherwise. It is easy to squeeze out the juice from tricky items like spinach, wheatgrass and other leafy vegetables. The juicer is perfect for extracting soy milk, almond milk, and for preparing baby food in a jiffy. Owning this juicer promotes consumption of healthy food, adding to the overall good health of the entire family.
The advantage with a masticating juicer is that the process is such that every drop of juice is extracted. This leaves almost dry pulp, which is ejected automatically. The dry pulp is easier to dispose off without leaving any sticky mess to clean up. Moreover, the Omega NC800 is leak proof, and does not leave sticky juice that needs to be cleaned up. Cleaning the insides also is quite easy, making this juicer the most preferred. The chute meant for extracting the pulp is quite efficient and ejects the pulp automatically, leaving pure, ready-to-drink juice that is ready in minutes.
The Omega NC800 is based on the masticating technology for extracting the juice from leafy vegetables, fruits and other vegetables like carrots and beetroots. When compared to the centrifugal juicer that churns up the fruits and vegetables while extracting the juice, the masticating juicer squeezes out the juice. Hence, there is hardly any froth that is generated while extracting juice using the masticating process. This helps extract a glass of froth-free juice that is ready to drink. Just leave the juice in the freezer for 10 minutes, and it is ready to drink.
The masticating process of extracting juice from fruits and vegetables is probably the most efficient way of extracting juice. This process leads to very high yields of juice, leaving almost dry pulp that is ejected automatically in the process. Irrespective of the ingredient, the consistency of the juice and the pulp remain constant, resulting in minimum wastage, and retention of essential nutrients, vitamins and the natural flavor present in the ingredients. As the process extracts all the juice in the ingredients at one go, there is no need to feed the pulp on more time.
The Omega NC800 is a masticating juicer with a low speed and an RPM (revolutions per minute) of just 80. This leads to optimum usage of power and helps conserve energy and save on power bills.
The Omega NC800 being a masticating juicer has less moving parts when compared to other conventional juicers. This makes it less noisy, with the noise levels remain constantly low even when hard stuff like nuts are fed into it.

Rating and Overview:

Tad bit more expensive than competing brands and models, the Omegan NC800 is a new and improved version of the stock Omega masticating juicer line. As such, it is sturdier, sexier in appearance and definitely more robust in performance.

Features and Specifications:

  • Low speed masticating juicer with a rotation speed of 80 revolutions per minute
  • Masticating extraction comprises a two-stage process
  • 5 settings allow efficient extraction of juice from fruits and vegetables
  • Pulp is ejected automatically, and the juicer can be used continuously
  • Compact design, and ideal weight of 20 pounds, making it portable
  • Long warranty cover

Final Thoughts:

badge-4-5 On the whole the Omega NC800 presents a perfect solution to all your juicing needs. A must-have in every home, this efficient and economical juice extractor is simple and easy-to-use, and leaves no tell-tale signs of any mess after the job is done. The pulp that is ejected is quite dry, and easy to dispose off, making this juicer the most preferred by many people. The low noise levels and negligible power consumption are major benefits. The juicer retains the essential nutrients and vitamins that are naturally present in fruits and vegetables.

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    i am looking to juice for a person with colon cancer who is on a strick no fiber diet – as such cannot have veggies and fruits in their whole state – which of the omega juicers is the best for this – would appreciate your opinion thanks

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