Masticating Juicer Reviews

Juicing is an exciting process. It is said that a juice is the perfect detox, diet and health food to have early in the morning. It can substitute a regular meal provided the right ingredients are used. A masticating juicer helps by extracting the highest nutritional value from ingredients packing the juice with lots of flavor, vitamins and nutrients.

The name masticating juicer signifies the process used. These juicers use augers that grind, mash and chew through fruits and vegetables to squeeze every last drop of juice out separating it from the dry pulp. These juicers are slower than centrifugal juicers but are twice as efficient and effective having the ability to chew through greens, soft vegetables and fruits without any discrimination.


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Reviews on some of the market’s BEST Masticating Juicers

Hurom HU 100

Hurom HU 100 Review

badge-4-7Not everyone is going to fall flat on their faces after using the Hurom HU-100. If you have never before used a masticating juicer and are planning on your first similar device, the Hurom HU-100 is a decent choice. It is faster than most masticating juicers and has an excellent yield too. You will never be dissapointed with this purchase considering its price tag.

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Omega VRT350

Omega VRT350 Review

badge-4-7Unconventional is the perfect definition for the Omega VRT350, which is a masticating juicer with a vertical footprint. One single channel of action starting from the wide feed chute down to the auger compartment and dual exhaust chutes – makes juicing easy as you need not push, reverse and tinker to get fruits and veggies through till the auger.

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Breville BJE200XL

Breville BJS600XL Review

badge-4-5Breville BJS600XL is Breville’s virgin attempt at cracking the masticating juicer market so well captured by Omega juicers. With a vertical design, compact footprint and plenty of useful features this juicer attempts to trump Omega and other masticating juicers. Dual direction control, sturdy design, overload protection and easy cleanup are its forte.

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Super Angel 5500

Super Angel 5500 Review

badge-4-7If you are looking for a juicer that you won’t regret buying, the Super Angel 5500 is your answer. Durable and solidly built with the entire body made from stainless steel, this twin gear, 3 horsepower powerful motorized juicer is nothing less than perfect. Every fruit and vegetable can be pushed through to it to generate fine, delicious and pulp-free juice. Best of all, every component is dishwasher safe.

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Omega NC800

Omega NC800 Review

badge-4-5A great machine to have in your kitchen, the Omega NC800 is a masticating juicer that extracts every drop of juice, retaining the essential nourishment found naturally in fruits and vegetables. Incredibly easy to use, and easier to clean-up after use, the juicer is an upgrade on previous models from Omega. Priced at around $300 plus, this juicer is affordable by most households.

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Omega J8005

Omega J8005 Review

badge-4-5One can’t say that the Omega J8005 is an inexpensive juicer but what you can say about this juicer is that it is super easy to use and is highly efficient. It manages to squeeze every last drop of juice out of the pulp, leaving the driest pulp ever. Juicing kale, wheat grass, leafy veggies, fruits and hard items is simple and you can even multitask with this to create nut butter, spaghetti and baby food.

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Omega J8003

Omega J8003 Review

badge-4-5Compared to the J8006, this is a smaller juicer with an even smaller feed chute. However, the Omega J8003 retains the same performance and efficiency of its elder sibling while offering a more lucrative price tag. This is a juicer worth purchasing even if you don’t really enjoy juices on a regular basis. Just keep it clean, cut your ingredients in advance and enjoy a fresh cup anytime.

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Omega J8006

Omega J8006 Review

badge-4-3The Omega J8006 is a top of the line masticating juicer designed for those who understand the patience and practice required to procure a perfect glass of juice from a masticating juicer. It is powerful, well designed with a wide feed chute and produces the driest pulp possible. It is easy to dismantle and clean but requires regular cleaning and takes a long time just to get a pitcher full.

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Omega J8004

Omega J8004 Review

badge-4-2Considering the lower price tag of the Omega J8004, it is actually much better than the J8005 and identical in functions and performance to the J8006 with a propensity to churn through leafy veggies real smoothly and produce the driest pulp. Plus it is super quite too. If you want a masticating juicer without paying premium and enjoy the same benefits as higher models, the Omega J8004 is perfect for you.

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